Boilerplate: Koreshians, Potential Rioters, and Bureaucratic Complicity in American Self-Destruction
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Boilerplate was first published as a stand-alone book designed and produced by Stephen Farrell from Slip Studios here in Chicago. It also appeared in Memo To All Employees.

Stephen produced three printings of Boilerplate in stand-alone form. The first was December 1994 and the second was January 1995. Both of these printings were very small quanitities, in the range of a couple dozen. The books are completely hand-made. The covers are cut from gun range targets. The inside spreads are hand cut from paper run through a commercial grade office printer. Many of Stephen's students from the Illinois Institute of Art helped in production of the book.

The third printing of Boilerplate was May 1, 1995, the same day Memo To All Employees was published.

The book has a cover price of $6 and it has never been professionally distributed; only sold by hand.

ISBN: 0-9646137-1-9