post industrial stage8 ft tall with a huge bloodbag in the middle
"The Goddess Speaks." is a "modern/classic club performance", a theatrical style invented by Ralph Wallace and the company he founded, Post-Industrial Stage. Chicago designer Patrick O'Neil created the show poster for the 1989 debut.
Lou Reed's designer bit JonnyLou Reed's designer bit Jonny

The Juggernaut Poetry Tour poster was designed and produced by Jonny Stepping. The photography was shot and art directed by Sasha Guesventsvy. The poster and photographic style was later ripped off by the New York designer who did Lou Reed's album cover.

she was free of sinstephen farrell also used osprey in this poster
The poster for Injured Child Flown To London, by Stephen Farrell, is the first use of Stephen's typeface "Commonworld". the poem, and the typeface, were inspired by the story of the Bosnian girl named Irma who was killed becuase of the war in Sarajevo desipite extraordinary measures.
worldwide entertainment juggernaut of the 21st centuryyum
The Memo To All Employees promotional poster, by Jonny Stepping, uses a photo by Philin Phlash taken at Art Attack in Wicker Park, while the author was demonstrating his ability to balance things on his head while reading a poem.
Poster for the publication of Economics.